Schedule and Venue

 ( Rajen Kilachand Center 610 Comm. Ave. )

( Boston University Physics Dept. 590 Comm. Ave. )


The workshop will be held in the Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering (610 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215) as well as in the Boston University Physics department (590 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215). Both of these locations are within walking distance of Kenmore square and are easy to navigate to using public transportation via the Green Line branches B,C, and D.  Check out the MBTA website for more details about the transportation option around the city;
The schedule for his workshop will roughly be as follows:

8:00 AMBreakfastBreakfastBreakfast
8:30 AMStoudenmireMitra: Transport properties of transient superfluids.Linder
9:00 AMLukinFreericks: The unusual quantum critical point of the Falicov-Kimball modelChalker: Minimal models for quantum chaos in spatially extended systems
9:30 AMBurnellAltland: Quantum Ergodicity in the SYK ModelAlet: Searching for Many-Body-Localization in a 2d lattice model
10:00 AMCoffeeCoffeeSilva, Vijay
10:30 AMCoffeeCoffee
11:00 AMNandkishore: Many body localization with long range interactions (and superconductivity)Hanada: From non-gravitational theory to quantum gravity via holographyCoffee
11:30 AMBlochHyatt: Writing an entanglement geometry dictionary: tensor networks, geodesy, and quenchingCoffee
12:00 PMRegistration and late breakfastCappellaro: Exploring localization in nuclear spin chainsLunch, provided in CILSELunch break, Lunch not provided
12:30 PMLunch, provided in CILSE
1:00 PMGalitski
1:30 PMGarca-Pintos: Timescales from non-equilibrium to equilibrium in closed quantum systems
2:00 PMDemler: Nonequilibrium superconductivity and Higgs lasingGaneshan: Odd surface waves in two-dimensional incompressible fluids.Kehrin
2:30 PMCoffeePoster Session in SCI 1st Floor loungePretko: Restricted Dynamics of FractonsBukov: Glassy and Correlated Quantum Control Phases
3:00 PMCoffeeZnidaric: Interaction instability of localization in quasiperiodic systemsMarino: Engineering dynamical phaseswith dissipative quantum many body systems:orthogonality catastropheand superradiant time crystal
3:30 PMAeppliCoffeeCoffee
4:00 PMGreiner: Quantum Thermalization and Many-body Localization under the MicroscopeVasseur: Entanglement phase transitions from holographic random tensor networksKolodrubetz: Topological Floquet-Thouless energy pump
4:30 PMFine: Lyapunov exponents in many-body systems from Loschmidt echoesZiegler: Ultrafast2DIR Spectroscopy in Dense Gas andNear-CriticalFluids:J-scrambling,rovibrationaldynamicsandthe onset ofliquid characterDymarsky: Defining thermalization time
5:15 – 6 PM Physics Cafe Refreshments
6 – 7 PMPublic Lecture By Immanuel Bloch

NOTE: Talks are in CILSE 101; Check-in / breaks / meals are in the CILSE atrium unless otherwise noted.

Optional day:

  • Thursday ( March 15 th): optional discussion day (strongly encouraged to attend)